4 much cooler things you could do instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day

4 much cooler things you could do instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a cheapskate’s holiday, it’s been said before. For the single people who might feel left out this is your chance to shine and laugh at all the wallets as they empty during the day. It’s a day like any other and that should be attitude to adopt to get through this consumerist dream.

1. Treat yo’self

Go shopping, go to the spa, go to the nail salon or go out. Everyone else will be doing the same things anyway and you don’t have to be with somebody to make yourself feel special. Doing things alone might also make you gain an appreciation for yourself as an individual. Take Valentine’s Day as the day to love yourself a little more.

2. Indulge to your heart’s content

Chocolate is a storied aphrodisiac. The facts show that there really is no concrete evidence to support this claim despite the Nigeria Federal Agency for Food and Medicine advising Nigerians to opt for chocolate instead of Viagra. People just like eating chocolate because it’s a lush treat and don’t leave yourself out of the equation. Your diet might take a hit but it’s all for a good cause, self-love.

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3. Try something new

Since you are on a mission to raise your spirts take it as a chance to do something new. You could opt for something tourist-y like going to the museum or a safari through the Nairobi National Park, chill with and feed some giraffes at the Giraffe Centre or have them interrupt your brunch at the Giraffe Manor in Lang’ata. Go see a play, it will most likely be more of an intimate affair and you won’t have to deal with crowds, or go to an art gallery and take in some culture. It can even be as simple as going to a restaurant and ordering something you haven’t eaten before.

4. Buy something expensive

Hey, if anyone deserves good things it’s you don’t forget that. It might end up in regret the following day but at least you have something fancy to show for Valentine’s Day. So if you were angling for some upgrade in furniture, appliances, entertainment and tech, this might be the time to do it. That is, if Christmas came and went without much fanfare.

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