Ask Dr X: I think my friend betrayed me

Ask Dr X: I think my friend betrayed me

Dear Dr X,

My best friend of nine years had been hiding a big secret from me a very long time. I had been dating my boyfriend for 3 of those years and I thought that we were happy. It turns out he was cheating on me the entire time we were together and my best friend knew but she did nothing about it. She should have told me and I felt so foolish about it because I was the last person to know. To be honest I feel like I should just stop being friends with her because with friends like these who needs enemies. She says that she didn’t want me to get hurt and 9 years is a long time but I can’t imagine keeping a secret like that from her for so long.


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Dear Stacy,

She broke girl-code or whatever it’s called. The second she smelt something fishy she should have told you about it. It doesn’t really matter about what she thought you would or would not feel. Thinking about it if she had told you immediately she would have saved you from all the heartache and wasting 3 years of your life on someone who didn’t care about you. Please find other people to spend your time with because 9 years might be a long time but no friends are better than fake friends.

-Dr X

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