New Act: 1Rail- “Wiz Khalifa, he’s skinny like me & works hard on his music.”

New Act: 1Rail- “Wiz Khalifa, he’s skinny like me & works hard on his music.”
Ugandan artiste 1Rail is slowly but surely making waves on the Kenyan music scene. With a couple of hits to his name the rapper took a seat with XACCESS and spoke of his big dreams and passion for the craft.

Describe your sound

I do hip hop, RnB and RnBass; basically I rap and I sing. But I’m a versatile artiste because if I stuck to one thing it would be boring, I even do some zouk here and there.

How did you get a start in the industry?

I have always loved doing music, since I was a kid. All through school I still had music on my mind but my big break came in 2013 when I did ‘Limelight.’ It was a single that I did which got a lot of views. Because of this people started encouraging me to continue doing music. So I kept at it and that’s basically what happened.

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What would you say is the message of your music?

I like to make people have fun. My music is all about having a good time. I do have some spiritual songs but my main aim is to have fun. Basically making people feel good about themselves.

Who inspires you?

Actually many people have inspired me in the music industry. I get motivated by people who are doing good music, working hard and being successful at it. Particularly artistes who have been in the game for decades and are still making music like Snoop Dogg. He’s been consistently making music for a long time. Jermaine Dupri and Diddy, they are musicians who have maintained their popularity in the industry for a while. Wiz Khalifa too, he’s skinny like me and although he hasn’t been around for as long as the other artistes he works hard on his music.

What are you working on currently?

I’ve been working on a few albums. This year I’m planning on releasing two of them. I started the first one last year and I’ve shot some videos for it, one being ‘In Another World.’ I just want to give the music to the fans, go out there and perform.

Are there any artistes that you would love to work with?

Of course, STL is one of them. Any artiste who is making great music I would be willing to collaborate with.

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Do you ever listen to your music on your playlists?

I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day without listening to my tracks. I listen to songs that I’m working on, songs that I’m going to perform and for me it’s kind of a rehearsal.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a billionaire, living in Miami in mansion with a wife and kids. I come from Jinja in Uganda and my dream has been to use this platform in Nairobi and finally settle in Miami. I also see myself with some plaques on the walls.


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