Celeb Chat with H_art the Band – “We fight over the smallest things.”

Celeb Chat with H_art the Band – “We fight over the smallest things.”
H_art the Band is set to take over 2017. After having a subdued 2016 the band snuck ‘Masheesha’ right in at the close of the year and it’s been dominating airwaves ever since. XACCESS had a chance to catch up with the band and, no-doubt, it was a riot.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happen in a club?

Wachira: I’ve seen somebody run without his shirt in the club.

Mordecai: Fights, they usually happen a lot in clubs. The club just isn’t a club without a fight breaking out.

Kenneth: I’ve seen two people in the club, in a corner, getting busy, right there. They finished doing their business right there.

Where do you buy your clothes from?

Mordecai: We are thrifters. We shop anywhere and everywhere. You might even meet us on the road sometime.

Kenneth: Plus where we live, there’s a shopping mall now where they sell clothes. That’s another place where we get our stuff. It has sections for different items of clothing. Ni kama Gikomba ya duka. All under one roof.

Wachira: We also make some of our own clothes. We design them ourselves. Have you ever seen a cuff on a trouser [gestures]?

Is Bensoul part of H_art the Band?

Wachira: He’s part of the H_art the Band family. Bensoul is our bassist but he’s also a separate artiste by himself. In the time we’ve known him we’ve influenced each other and exchanged ideas. He’s grown into this great musician and it was time we introduced him into the market.

Do you ever get into fights?

Mordecai: Of course. We fight over the smallest things like clothes.

Kenneth: Also over our creative decisions.

Wachira: If your verse in a song sounds bad we’ll tell you. Tuko kazi.

Kenneth: Like you might feel bad at first but kama ni mbaya ni mbaya. Tutakuambia kama verse yako inasound kama uliimbia kwa choo!

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What are you working on currently?

Wachira: We are working on releasing our new album. We are also working on rebuilding H_art the brand. We’ve been silent for long enough. We were going through experiences as individuals and we have a lot of music that people have not heard yet.

Kenneth: We want to be releasing music and videos regularly and go for more shows this year.

When is your next show going to be?

Wachira: We are playing at Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar. That will be in February

Mordecai: We’re going with Sarabi. We’re the only Kenyan acts that’ll be performing in this year’s show. It’s a 4-day festival with musicians on stage.

Are there any artistes, who you haven’t worked with yet, that you would love to collaborate with?

Kenneth: For me it would be Stonebwoy from Ghana.

Mordecai: Sarkodie and Cassper Nyovest

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What is one thing your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Wachira: Many people don’t know that I’m shy. When we’re on stage that’s one thing, hapo niko kazi.

Kenneth: Lakini unakuanga kazi kila siku! [laughs]

Mordecai: Napenda kupika chapatti. That’s my specialty. Kukanda, kupika kufry hio ndo area yangu.

Kenneth: Napenda kulima! I love farming. That’s a side of me the fans don’t know about. Nikaa tu hivi ntapanda manyanya hapa, kitunguu hapo.

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