Dating a shy man: Here is how to unleash his wild side

He is just shy, not antisocial

Madamenoire Dating a shy man: Here is how to unleash his wild side

The society we live in ignorantly dictates that in initiating romantic relationships, women should never be the ones to make the first move.

But what is a woman who shares mutual romantic feelings with a man who is too shy to approach her supposed to do to get things going? Worry not, help is here!

Initiate small talk

Since you already know that he is shy, you should also know that he will probably never talk to you out of the blue. It is up to you to show him that you also like him through simple ways such as saying hello or waving to him when you see him, or employing creative tactics like asking him for help in a field he is good at even though you are actually better at it than he is. This should send him the message that you know he exists and you would like to have an actual conversation with him.

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Act like you don’t notice his shyness

You might tease him about his shy nature thinking that it is a sweet gesture, but it is not. If anything, it only adds to his insecurities. By letting him know that you are well aware of his weakness, you kill the little confidence that he has gathered up to even exchange pleasantries.

No man likes being considered weak and as such, if you are dealing with a shy man, you should act like you do not notice it. Even if he brings it up in a conversation, act surprised and never confirm his insecurity.

Target the friend zone

Turns out the friend zone can actually contribute to you getting a life partner, at least when dealing with a shy man. Normally, shy people are the loudest and most conversant when they are around their friends. When you start off as friends with a shy man, it helps him get comfortable around you and if you manage to make it out of the friend zone, shyness and awkward moments will never be an issue in your relationship.

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Don’t expect him to decode your signals

Generally, shy men are less inexperienced in deciphering women’s code language. Don’t expect a shy man to take hints by giving them the silent treatment or saying the opposite of what you mean. In this special case, focus on plain communication through words as opposed to coded communication through nonverbal cues and other forms of body language.




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