5 home renovations that are not worth the trouble

5 home renovations that are not worth the trouble

Making improvements is always a good thing, except for the times that it’s not.

1. Building a swimming pool

Swimming pools seem like fun investments especially where children and dogs are concerned but they also cost a pretty penny to maintain and can run up your monthly bill to epic proportions. If a home comes with a pool already installed, that’s great but there is really no need to build one. Don’t forget that a pool could also be considered a liability to some buyers.

2. Elaborate landscaping

Nobody likes their yards looking messy but a quick mow could solve many landscaping problems. Planting exotic foliage and adding water features also comes down to maintenance. If it will cost much more in upkeep than adding value to the house then it’s not worth it.

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3. Built-in appliances

Many homes come with appliances already installed into the framework and it admittedly does provide a rather put together aesthetic, but changing up or fixing them up could prove to be a headache. The price of the devices might also be something to consider.








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4. Wall-to-wall carpeting

It’s a good thing it’s not the 70s anymore because that’s where wall-to-wall carpets belong. They can make a room look dowdy and dark and are a complete hassle to install and rip out. Use area rugs instead they are so much easier to manage.

5. Wallpaper

There are some benefits to having wallpaper paste don your walls. It does save you money on paint but what of changing the colour of the walls? Tastes are constantly changing and you might think damask wallpaper might look great today but will it tomorrow?


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