A history of Prezzo losing his mind

A history of Prezzo losing his mind

Prezzo has been around for a long time. Despite how old he might actually be he is still old enough to be considered a veteran. The rapper had a long—standing beef with the great Bamboo. The reasons behind their epic beef have disappeared into the sands of time but knowing how rappers are, it was probably about nothing in particular.

Bamboo left and Prezzo stayed as his once illustrious career took hit after hit. There was a time when ‘Mafans’ was the ultimate come back when haters came for you, ‘Let’s Get Down’ was the song KISS FM would test your patience with, playing the tune 40 times a day before you finally decide to give up and change the station and Prezzo’s and AY’s baggy shirts and bucket hats in ‘Nipe Nikupe’ were the height of fashion. Where did it all go wrong?

By the time The King of Bling made his way into the Big Brother house in 2012, everyone including Prezzo himself, had all but forgotten that he was a rapper. He was a finalist on the show and came out saying,

“I am ready to work with different artistes from across the globe. The platform we got from Big Brother is very huge so all I have to do as an artiste is to spread my wings and fly because I believe I can conquer.”

We would also like to hear some of these collaborations.

Instagram became ‘a thing’ right around then and Prezzo has been keeping, we the mafans super-entertained. The rapper posts everything from guns, to shots of him sitting around dressed up with no discernible place to go, screenshots and videos of himself that have previously landed him in hot water. He even has the famous video of the ‘stripping incident’ up. Prezzo is either very out of touch or has a killer sense of humour.

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2016 seemed like a busy year for him. Showing up suspiciously slurry–not to mention handsy— for two separate interviews, breaking and making up with his girlfriend Michelle Yola at supersonic speed, ramping up his beef with Jaguar and assaulting an airline pilot/residents of an estate.

There have also been questions raised about his drug use due to the proximity of the cameras on the show Nairobi Diaries.

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This is all just speculation though so who knows. Despite his façade, the one thing Prezzo does not come off as on the show is ‘bad.’ Inflated ego? Most definitely. But a bad person? No way. He has suffered some great losses in his life and maybe that might explain some of his outlandish behaviour. Maybe he just needs somebody to talk to.

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