Nairobi Diaries: the reality TV show with zero reality

Nairobi Diaries: the reality TV show with zero reality

Does anybody remember how Nairobi Diaries came to be?

Like a fog the show creeped up on us and choked all the oxygen out of the air. At first the reality TV sensation seemed to court the sort of star power that could actually keep viewers glued to their seats. Even though the first season hit our screens in 2015, it was filmed years before that. It’s hard to imagine award-winning fashion blogger and stylist Silvia Njoki exchanging blows and trading words with the rest of the cast that dominates the show right now. To be perfectly honest it’s even hard to picture, the defiantly more sullied Vera Sidika gallivanting with the ‘A Team.’

Nairobi Diaries with its B-grade opening titles, frequently janky sound and cast that repeatedly takes reference to the cameras, has somehow remained somewhat relevant despite all the hate the show receives.  Call it a guilty pleasure or an exercise in hate-watching terrible TV–terrible TV is the best sort of TV FYI– whatever, it’s here to stay. After a while, the irony in honestly enjoying a bad TV show transforms from that, to just plain old joy.

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The cast stops being a cast and turn into human beings. It’s hard not to root for Pendo (who happens to be the most entertaining character on the show) as she delights in the drama and gives the most animated play-by-play of events as they happen in the confessionals, Bridget (tbt) as she goes through some professional successes and Brian as he tries and fails to look alive.


Terrible TV is the best sort of TV

Risper, despite her socialite–what does this word even mean anymore? — past, is surprisingly likeable. Even Noti Flow, who might seem larger than life in all other instances comes off just a girl trying to have fun and do some music, we still can’t forgive that grating tune ‘Birthday Cake’ though. Luwi Capello’s role is extremely ornamental, but at least he has his pretty boy looks, and that’s something.

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Only Mishi Dorah and Juddie Jay seem to be flailing in these ‘on-screen’ waters. Michelle Yola and Prezzo’s on-again, off-again, and maybe partially-maybe constantly-intoxicated, relationship, seems functional compared to these two. The reality TV stars were apparently involved in a serious scuffle recently and it’s odd how violence keeps following them around.

Nairobi Diaries is the show we all love to hate.

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With a predatory production crew and some of the most ridiculous grown-lady drama ever stitched together and it’s absolutely delicious, a highlight of our generation. But a word ladies, the fake accents, they have to go.

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