4 coffee table books about Africa you need in your life

1. The Circle of life: Wildlife on the African Savannah

By Anup and Manoj Shah


‘Two brothers take readers on a fascinating tour of the African Savannah, documenting the region’s storied animals. This volume chronicles life and death on the savanna, as lions, giraffes, wildebeest, elephants, gazelles, zebras, hippos, hyenas, baboons and many more species give birth, play, hunt, feed, groom, sleep, mate, migrate and die.’

-Amazon/Google Books

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2. Dinka: The Great Cattle Herders of the African Sudan

By Angela Fisher


‘This seminal volume on the indigenous African Dinka group is a landmark documentation of a vanishing people in war-torn Sudan. In breathtakingly poignant images, [they] present a story that started with their first visit to the Dinka thirty years ago. Living in harmony with their cattle, the Dinka have survived years of war only to find their culture on the brink of vanishing forever. Where the White Nile River reaches Dinka country, it spills over 11,000 square miles of flood plain to form the Sudd, the largest swamp in the world.’


3. Tribes

By Art Wolfe


‘Tribes is more than a simple document of body art: it is a bold celebration of the pageantry and patterns of everyday life. Tribes offers a rare glimpse into the world’s most fascinating cultures. Taken tribe by tribe, the variety of adornment and cultural experience Art Wolfe has discovered is astonishing; taken as a whole, the collection of photographs is a testimonial to the power of human creation and spirit.’


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4. UnBounded

By Boniface Mwangi


‘UnBounded is a collection of engaging personal stories that takes us through some of the people, places and events that have shaped Boniface, easily one of Kenya best known photographers and activists. It is a portrait of the child, the man and some of the human, harrowing and even humorous episodes that he has witnessed and photographed. This book tells of the two remarkable women – his mother and grandmother – who influenced his character and inspired his drive to raise awareness about poverty, inequality and corruption.’


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