Yahoo’s been sold off, now what?


Although many could see this coming even before the announcement last year, Yahoo will very soon be officially dead. The once great bastion of tech was sold to telecommunications company Verizon for the grand total of $4.83 billion. By itself $5 billion seems like a fortune, and it is; but for the sake of some context, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is worth almost $90 billion.

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Yahoo was on its last legs by the time the sale was rounding off. There was a point in time, that time being the late 90s that Yahoo ‘owned’ the internet. In the year 2000 the company was valued at $125 billion. Since CEO Marissa Mayer- who has announced that she will leave the Yahoo board including enjoying a hefty $55 million severance – took the reins at the sinking giant, what was supposed to be a light at the end of the tunnel only turned into a way to dress up a festering wound, so to speak.

“I don’t care how great you made Yahoo Weather, it wasn’t going to save the company.”


Shashi Seth, a former employee at Yahoo tells NPR that focus was not given to Yahoo’s strongest products, email and the homepage. Instead on its somewhat popular weather app, “Yahoo Weather was never going to save the company. Right? I don’t care how great you made Yahoo Weather, it wasn’t going to save the company.” Yahoo’s apparent ’doing too much’ might have also contributed to its demise. As Mashable states, “Yahoo never worked out exactly what it was and what it stood for. The part-technology company, part-media company, according to many analysis pieces on the downfall of Yahoo, got caught somewhere in the middle.”

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So what will happen to all those email addresses that survived the massive 1bn account hack? They’ll probably remain functional. New parent company Verizon also acquired a floundering AOL and retained the company’s email accounts. It’s also been reported that the company’s new name will be Altaba which is not the most elegant name if Twitter has anything to say about it.

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