Ask Dr X: My ex-wife won’t let me see my children



Dear Dr X,

After my ex-wife and I divorced it only seemed fair that she live with our two children. They are still young and require their mother’s hand in their life, maybe even more than mine right now. I agreed to provide for them financially and in any other way that I could but she is now causing problems in the way that we had set up our agreement. She is refusing to let me see my children at all if I don’t give her more money on top of what I already pay. I’m the one in charge of their school fees, medical bills, the househelp’s wages and I let her stay in the home that we shared. She takes care of food and clothing. This does not seem like it should be a big burden on someone with a well-paying job. I’m not sure how to convince her to let me see my kids because I’m not ready to give her more money for no reason.


Dear Melvin,

Your ex-wife is holding your children hostage and demanding a ransom it’s as simple as that. She is pushing her luck trying to get more money out of you because she knows you are desperate, after all they are your children. Do not give in because nowadays not many men will even give their children’s mother the kindness that you are showing her. She should be satisfied with what she has, especially if she is a working woman who can manage her household. Do not give her any more money because she might ask for another hike later on and keep the trend going. You are doing your best and that is what counts. Go see your children whenever you want to because if she continues keeping you away it might call for police intervention.

-Dr X



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