Ask Dr X: My husband won’t let me go back to work



Dear Dr X,

I’ve been away from work for nearly three years. The initial break I took was to raise my child up enough for her to gain some independence. At the time it seemed like a good idea because I do not trust housekeepers from a previous bad experience dealing with them and I felt it was my duty to my child to stay at home. Now my husband does not believe that I should go back to work. He tells me that since I took the break, I should stay at home and stay with my daughter like a ‘good’ mother should. My sister who lives with us has already offered to take care of the child and I don’t think there is anything wrong with my going back to work. What should I do to make him see things my way?



Dear Anne

It’s a new year, which century does your husband still live in? You have every right to go back to work if you want to and the fact that you took out 3 years to raise your child actually shows a lot of dedication on your part. Not many working women nowadays would take that much time off work to raise their children. If your child is in safe hands, there is really no argument here. Your husband is trying to pick fights where there are none and if he is the concerned father he is trying to be, there is nobody stopping him from wearing an apron and getting busy raising his children too.

-Dr X

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