Celeb chat with Vicmass Luodollar

Before music, who was Vicmass Luo dollar?

Unknown to many, I have always been in music, I have always loved music and I have always dreamed to be a successful musician. In 2006/2007 I did my first song ‘Jihadhari’ commercially which did not do too well but I never gave up.  Before ‘Vicmass Luodollar’ my stage name was ‘slumboy’ aka ‘slumbeezy’. I hawked snacks and soft drinks in different towns and cities in Kenya, served as a houseboy, worked in local hotels, cleaned toilets, worked at a car wash among other odd jobs just to raise and save money to record more songs and provide for my family.

What is your overnight celebrity story?

There is no overnight celebrity story because I am not a celebrity, I am a brand in the making. I recorded over 40 songs before 2014, all through hard work.

Would you say 2016 was ‘your year’?

No my year is yet to come but I thank God and all Kenyans for the support in 2016. I also want to thank the Kenyan media, deejays and loyal music consumers for the recognition accorded to me and my music in 2016.

What inspires your music?

My past life, my family and of course seeing my grandpa [Obiero Pindwa] around, he is a big inspiration and influence to my music style and lyrics writing.

What do you have in store for your fans in 2017?

I just dropped my new jam ‘ASANTE SANA’ featuring Tanzanian track producer Jo Banjo, and there is still more to come. I only ask God to give me vision, knowledge, good health and people with the same vision same urge, people who are as hungry as me, people who see and plan for 10 years from now, to walk with me as I package my music for the local and international market. Expect Vicmass Luodollar ft Juma Nature in 2017 God willing.

Would you say rapper Octopizzo catapulted you to fame?

I am not even famous yet. Empowerment is something someone gives you, self-leadership is what you do to make it work. I worked hard in my collaboration with Octopizzo from day one. He’s been my mentor for 9 years now. Nothing came in a silver platter I worked for it.

What other Kenyan artistes do you plan to work with?

I am not sure yet. Kenyan artistes just want collabos yet they don’t want to follow the right path, no split sheets, no entertainment, no lawyer engagements on those collabos thus ending up in favor of one side. Music is a business, I am open to work with any Kenyan musician if the right protocols are observed, talent is only 10% the remaining 90% is business, collabos should therefore make me rich not broke.

How are you handling fans, dealing with your new found fame?

Did you say fame? I am not famous yet, and I thank God for every individual digging my music.

Are we likely to see a different genre from you in 2017? Will you stick to ‘Luo rap’?

Do I do Luo rap? Call it Native rap because I can rap in any language if I want, it’s only that I love Luo. However, let’s wait and see what the future has in store for us, for now you can call me ‘Native’ or ‘indigenous’ Rapper. If you listen to my latest song ‘ASANTE SANA’ you will see the versatility in my art/music.

What’s your advice to artistes who are struggling to make it in the industry?

First of all be your first and own boss. Advocate for your music [love and approve it before a second party], believe in yourself, put in more work, do your part and let God do HIS part.


REAL NAMES: Ochieng Victor Ondeye

STAGE NAME:  Vicmass Luodollar

RECORD LABEL: Independent artiste

FAVORITE MUSIC: Jazz/funk/soul/trap/hiphop/kwaito/singeli/

HOBBIES: Watching movies, cooking, listening to music, travelling, adventure


FAVORITE MEAL: ‘Matoke’ with chicken


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