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Without a doubt one of the most talented emcees to ever rhyme on a mic, all day every day, Khaligraph Jones has become synonymous with the hip hop movement in the country. Although the rapper has been known for his hard exterior and unflinching façade XACCESS caught up with an artiste possessing a genuine love for the craft and nothing but positivity for the future.

Did you see the success of ‘Micasa Sucasa’ coming?

Not really because it was very random. From the Instagram video that we did, it got a good reception so I thought ‘why don’t we just make it a track?’ So that is something unexpected, personally I didn’t see it coming but I’m happy the response is good so far. It’s one of the most viewed hip-hop videos in the country this year. I’ve never had so many views in any of my other videos.

Do you think Cashy being in the song had anything to do with it?

Of course yeah, she is part of the song so definitely she contributed to the success of the song. Like people are used to seeing me rapping and killing beats. I’ve been doing it for a minute but they ain’t seen that from a shorty. How we did it, the back and forth thing, it’s like the same time I’m being challenged on a track and you know I ain’t got no challengers out here.

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Could you break down your creative process for us?

It just happens. If you are gifted in whatever you do then you have your ways of making things happen. I believe it’s a gift and talent so I don’t really put much thought into it, it’s just natural, it just comes like that.

What do you think of the current state of hip hop in the country?

At the moment I think we are headed in the right direction. Before we were in a pathetic state, just being real with you. Right now we have proper, packaged rappers who are presentable to even corporates. Like I’ve been on ads and activation parties for big companies so I believe hip hop is headed in the right direction. We have the potential to be bigger than we are right now, though, it’s a gradual process.

What of the female emcee beef going on?

I’m just going to generalize it and say it’s a good thing. But up to a certain level, if you don’t push it past a certain extent. If you keep it in the booth then it’s healthy competition at the end of the day. Rap is territorial, like you have to claim your territory and from that I think it’s good for the sport.

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Do you still feel that you have to dumb down your lyrics?

Yeah man. Just being real with you, if I decided to go a full 100 per cent the way I usually do my thing, you would be very astonished. So I have to dumb it down so that the people can relate to it and understand. Sometimes things can get to complex for the normal mind to decode. I have to dumb it down so that I can fit in this game and this industry. If I decided to go hard I would get no airplay and no shows, and if you have no shows then you go broke, and if you go broke, utarudi ocha like Q-Tasi said.

Since you are the king, are there any emcees out there that deserve a co-sign?

Don’t get it twisted, if you believe in yourself then you are going to believe in you. These are self-proclaimed titles, you could also call yourself these things. So if you believe you’re the king and you constantly push that to the fans, instill that mentality, then definitely they are going to term you as ‘the king’. It’s never that serious, it’s just sport but you got Rabbit, Octopizzo is dope and it’s all hip hop at the end of the day.




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