4 Ways to protect your home during a party

Hosting year-end blow out parties can be a fun thing despite all the information proving otherwise. You can have a successful get-together while still maintaining your sanity and stuff.



1. Define limits

You might be letting people into your home but that does not mean that they can run amok with everything in your house. Cordon off certain areas which people will not be allowed to get into. These rooms will be where valuable and fragile items can be stored and should stay locked for the duration of the party. This also creates a boundary as to which rooms the party is limited to.

2. Cover up your belongings

Plastic wrapped furniture might scream ‘tacky’ any other time of the year but can be a lifesaver where stains and debris are concerned. Covering up your furniture will also make the cleanup process go a lot faster than the traditional bucket, brush and soap method. Cover up the furniture and the carpet with protectors and use smaller rugs if possible as they are easier to clean.

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3. Remove shoes

Although it seem like an inconvenience to guests, it’s is a much better alternative to having people trudge dust, mud and dirt through your flooring. Guests will also be much less likely to spill or drop things on the floor knowing they might have to walk through it with their bare feet.

4. Clean up early

Tidying a house after a party is a drag, no doubt about that but the longer you wait to deal with a messy home, the bigger the problem will seem. Stains and dirt will have time to set while you extend the cleanup. Set time aside and plan you will tackle the mess in a timely manner.

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