3 cool fitness gifts for the festive season

One of the best parts about Christmas is the gifts. Presents are great no matter how you swing it so if you have a family member or friend who is trying to get fit or a total health nut look no further, we have some awesome suggestions for you.

Wireless headphones

Nobody wants to go out and get the cables of their headphone in a tangled mess. The rhythm of music actually serves as an aid in finding a rhythm while working out, headphones are not an extraneous luxury after all. A pair of wireless headphones will solve this problem while still looking stylish and adding some energy to a workout.

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A reusable water bottle

One of the pillars of an effective workout routine is hydrating. Water is life and we overlook this fact more often than not. Some forms of exercise such as running do require free hands and so lugging around a water bottle in your hand is not the most convenient option in the world. Handles, utility belts and straps are some of the cool new features water bottles come with and if that’s not enough of a reason to buy one, think of the contribution it will make to reducing pollution by plastic water bottles.

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An activity tracker

Yes, this is a pricy investment but can help someone out tremendously with achieving their fitness goals. Activity trackers help plan out routines, offer professional workout tips, monitor your health and can help regulate your diet. It’s a convenient personal trainer and a lot cheaper than a gym membership.

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