Google Year in Search 2016 highlights

2016 has been an eventful year to say the least and a way to commemorate the weirdness that every year inevitably brings is through yearly Google trends. And so what did people Google this year? Read on to find out.

The US Election



This was an obvious inclusion on the list and must have taken the public’s attention for a while after it happened. In fact the 2016 US Election is still grabbing headlines as the year draws to a close and a hot topic no matter how we look at it. Naturally the biggest topic out of the conversation was Donald Trump’s win and as we head into the New Year we wait to see how that outcome will pan out.

The Rio Olympics

A worldwide event would inevitably result in a spike in Google searches and the Olympics were no exception. Stars were made at the sporting event while some hang up their boots and retired into legend. Controversy marred the Rio Olympics even before the Opening Ceremony commenced. Talk of insecurity, contaminated water, the Zika virus, pollution and a myriad of other problems had tongues wagging and keyboards tapping. Breakout star from the event had to be US gymnast Simone Biles who turned into a pop culture phenomenon after the Olympics wrapped.

Pokémon Go

Just a few months ago it seemed you couldn’t go online without being swamped with images, updates and information on Pokémon Go. The craze reached fever pitch when playing the game turned from harmless fun to a real danger and ultimately transformed to a cash grab. With users acquiring injuries and getting robbed in an effort to ‘catch ‘em all’, popularity began to wane. This was compounded by lackluster updates and tedious in-app purchases.

‘How To’ searches

This regional search term in Kenya actually shows rather disturbing trends in the local market. The most popular ‘How To’ search query was ‘How to lose weight fast’ which seems like a globally relatable inquiry but the fifth spot takes the disappointing cake. ‘How to bleach skin professionally’ was apparently searched so much that it warranted a spot on Google’s Year in Search tallies.

Celebrity Deaths



It would be a sin to leave out some of the notable people who have passed on this year, and in that sense, this year has been a doozy. Prince, David Bowie, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman and Muhammad Ali take the top 5 spots and although they are gone they are definitely not forgotten.

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