5 wedding trends that need to die in 2016

Tis the season, the wedding season and apart from all the necessary protocol that planning a wedding entails, there are some that need the boot. Many of these trends are not only strange, they are gaudy and we all know nobody wants a tacky special day.

  1. Match-y bridesmaids dresses

Yes yes it is a bride’s big day and all attention should be on her but that does not mean that the bridesmaids should have to suffer for it. Similar silhouettes on bridesmaids, who will inevitably not be all a similar body type is a little selfish. A wedding is supposed to an opportunity to let people celebrate a couple’s love so it would be a great to let each one of the bridesmaids choose a design that embodies their personality and that they are comfortable in. Colour choice can be left up to the bride but even that is a little old fashioned.

  1. Picking sides on seating

At the end of the day does it really matter whose side a guest is sitting in? A family is being created and that is what everybody gathers around to witness. Specified seats can also be somewhat discouraging to the participants of the wedding as not everybody comes from a gloriously huge family, a big divide might be obvious down the aisle and that disrupts the aesthetic balance.

  1. Tacky cake toppings

We have all seen those wedding cake toppings with a groom being ‘dragged to his doom’ by a bride. Exactly what necessitates those strange little items is a mystery. It is assumed that the groom is not in fact a hostage at his own wedding and is not marrying his captor under duress, so they should be left out. A cake topping can actually give the couple a great opportunity to exercise some creativity and express their love in a unique way.

  1. Elaborate wedding photography

Ideally wedding photographs are something that will last a lifetime and should express a timeless love. Wedding photography has become big business and some photographers  pull out all the stops just to inflate your wedding bill. Choosing classic, simple and clean photography without insane editing techniques will ensure that even 50 years down the line, your photos will still look like they were taken yesterday.

  1. Same old music

A wedding should express a couple’s unique personality so there is absolutely no need to make your guest suffer through the same old droll. Pick a soundtrack that will make you and everyone else happy.


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