3 ways to keep fit during the holidays

The holiday season is no-doubt the season for feasting. It’s easy to overindulge during the holidays and workouts can take a back seat in all the festivities, so here are few easy tips to lessen the blow that the good times will bring.

Be realistic

The holidays are not the most optimal time to be trying to shed kilos while everyone else is gobbling up chicken wings and baked treats so be realistic while setting your goals. Although your routine might be interrupted, take it within your stride and do only what you feel is within reach. Which is not to say that you should completely give up on your fitness goals but some flexibility should be exercised.

Play more

You will inevitably be inundated with small children and this could be a great opportunity to get moving. Use their seemingly limitless energy to your advantage and take the opportunity to play hide and seek, kick a ball around and jump some rope. Kids will keep you busy and on your feet without sacrificing family time plus the adults will probably thank you for keeping them distracted.

Draw some limits

Since it will be harder to navigate around consistently going to the gym or even just getting time to work out, indulge within set limits. Don’t eat past the point of feeling full or mindlessly snack on junk food that was left lying around. This could go a long way in limiting the damage that you will have to later repair on the treadmill.


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