4 things you have to do dealing with mental illness as a couple

Receiving a diagnosis that touches on mental health is never an easy thing to digest. Mental health disorders are largely misinformed and uncharted territory for people in our communities. It is a tough thing to deal with alone but it becomes a double whammy where spouses and children are involved. Although there is really no clear cut way in dealing with the issue there are steps you can take in dealing with mental health disorders together and live with it together.

Find help early

Too many times couples seek out help when the effects of the disease have done a great deal of damage to their marriage or themselves. Finding professional help early will stop a bad situation from getting worse and a many mental disorders are treatable when they are dealt with early. Mental illness can take a massive toll on a marriage and waiting for a situation to fester will only have an added negative impact on the people involved in the union.

Accept your feelings

Especially early on, feelings of guilt, fear, anger, shame and ultimately resentment can crop up on either side of the marriage. Bothe the sufferer and the spouse can be susceptible to negative feelings. On the sufferer’s side they might feel guilty for making their partner bear the brunt of their illness and workload in the home. The spouse of a person suffering from mental illness could nurture some resentment for the hand that they have been dealt. Accept that you feel these things and move on because dwelling on them will not change a thing.

Join a support group

There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you are not going through a hard time alone. Support groups where people suffering through similar issues as you discuss their problems and solutions to them can be an invaluable practical and emotional tool in your journey. Apart from actual meetings that can be attended from time to time, online groups and forums are also available where a physical presence is not convenient.

Take care of yourself

If your commitment to your partner feels overwhelming take a second to take care of yourself. Do things that you enjoy doing and do them by yourself if you have to. If you are not at peace with yourself then you will not help your ailing partner to your best. Take a break occasionally just to do something that makes you happy.


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