Celeb chat with Yemi Alade

How does this season compare to the other seasons you’ve been on the show?

It’s different because I feel like normally on a reality show the first two or so seasons it’s the same old and ratings start to drop but with Coke Studio it’s different. This season is so reality TV that you’ll think that you are with us, we get to see ore content that is not just about music, it’s so mind blowing. The show’s been twisted around a bit but I personally can’t wait to watch it.

What do you think of the Kenyan artiste you’ve been partnered up with [Nyashinski]?

Nyash is a great guy, he’s a really awesome person and I like the fact that he’s very ‘himself.’ He wouldn’t do anything he does not want to do. He’s a strong willed person and his music is true. Everything he says in his songs is very true.

Where did your love for Kenya come from? Because you’ve been here a number of times

Well Coke Studio is one of the things that has brought me to the country but other than that I come here on my own and I have friends here as well that are artistes. I come here so that we can talk because it’s not enough to just be on the phone. My love for Kenya is one that I sensed and I knew it was very present for me too. You are told to go where you are loved and so that’s what I do.

You work with artistes from all over the continent, how do you usually fuse all your individual sounds together?

The great thing about music is that music is one language. In as much as I sing in pidgin and my own dialect and Ruby might sing in Swahili and Nyash in Swahili as well, the great part about music is that it is a dialect that is none of our languages. So no matter what we do there is already a bridge that is connecting us. Secondly we have in-house producers that help with the mash-ups and tempos because I’m on a completely different tempo from Nyash and Ruby. They find a way to put us on the same tempo and we choose how to deliver.

What is your primary motivation to create?

I thank God for the talent and inspiration and also for a great team. They constantly try to make sure that I am not stale. I am definitely inspired by the people who celebrate and believe in my talent. That for me is what keeps me going.

How do you come up with your costumes and looks on the red carpet?

Well many people like to call my fashion style ‘eclectic,’ African, colourful; so many things I’ve heard in so many years. But in one sentence I just try to be Yemi Alade and I can’t do it alone. Even though I take centre stage in trying to determine what I wear and how I look, I have a lot of designers and stylists and people who put their heads together to make my vision and ideas come to life.

How do you think the Coke studio experience has affected your career?

First of all it looks very good on my CV to know that I’ve collaborated with Trey Songz! But other than that every time I’m on Coke Studio I take a lot of things home. I take the experience and it ends up reflecting on my music. It’s always a learning experience for me and there’s always new energy. So I’m always thankful for every year that I’m on Coke Studio.




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