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Eric Omondi (Ricky Ricks) FT Chipukeezy (Baby Daddy) – Haiwezi!

There’s no sugar coating it, this song is a tragedy. From start to finish, it’s a lot to take in. parodies are supposed to be a little ridiculous, which this song is in spades, but they are also supposed be funny and make you pause to think. Whoever sang the chorus is at least putting a little effort, they might be over-singing but at least they are trying and effort is the one thing this jam is lacking. Some of the shots are pretty but that is still not enough to distract you from the utter sadness in this song.

Ommy Dimpoz X Alikiba – Kajiandae

‘Kajiandae’ might be described as a ‘love ballad’ but its connection to the love story, lyric-wise and visually is tenuous at best. The video is a thing of beauty, shot by director Justin Campos of Gorilla Films, the visuals are clean and super-rich. There is no bones about that fact plus the instrumentation produced by Emma The Boy, is a triumph. But somehow this all seems like a great opportunity for some product placement. Not to say it isn’t a great watch though.


Njeri – Conoka # FEMIPLAN

So the not quite long awaited reply to Femi One’s monster and sort of sudden ‘Pilau Njeri’ is here. Rapper Njeri does land some memorable lines along the way, spitting ‘Hakuna kitu unaweza kula 5 Star isipokuwa vako, Mi hujipaka make-up…Weee jipake tu simiti, nimekuwachia hardcore.’ She goes into her looks, flow and artistry although there is only a smattering in both of these tracks. And the touch of Goofy chuckling into the beat is actually pretty destabilizing, in an effective way.

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