Kool and The Gang Kick of the day

No Show

This song probably sound like those tapes everyone’s parents would force them to listen to. In a good way though. Something Special stands as one Kool and The Gang’ strongest pop albums and although ‘No Show’ was not the biggest hit out of the compilation it’s a Quiet Storm hallmark. And, yup the video does get a little cringey but that’s to be expected from the era.

Fun Fact: Lead singer J. T. Taylor was mot a founding member of the band. ‘A schoolteacher and amateur nightclub singer from New Jersey was the change that the group needed. Taylor was also no stranger to Kool & the Gang’s music. In fact, when he was 13 years old, he and his friends started their own band called Kool & the Gang, modeled after the original.’

B&W Presents: Kool & The Gang, November 13th at the KICC, gates open at 5pm. Get your tickets at http://goodtimesafrica.com


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