Healthy hangover cures to try after a binge

Hangovers are a struggle to get through. Some go hand in hand with dizziness, nausea, extreme thirst not to mention a mammoth headache. Even though many times hangovers might actually make you feel like food is the last thing you have on your mind, some sustenance may be all you need to kill your hangover.

Coconut water

This super-trendy and apparently omnipresent drink packs quite a punch when it comes to health. Coconut water is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and promotes weight loss. It’s delicious and can actually quell your hangover because of its hydration properties. Coconut water tops up electrolytes in the body that are lost during the drinking process. You can even mix it with some fruit to make a healthy and great tasting smoothie.


Cooking while enduring a hangover seems like an unpleasant experience. But eggs might just be the cure for the agony. They are easy and relatively straightforward to cook and are filled with nutrients. Eggs are easily digested and will probably be light on your stomach. In addition to all these benefits according to Greatist ‘eggs contain taurine, which has been shown to reverse liver damage caused by a night of heavy boozing’ so you get enough bang for your buck.

Green tea

Probably one of the greatest hangover cures of all time is green tea. Fluids are the key to getting over a hangover and green tea has a multitude of other benefits too. Packed with antioxidants not mention just basic hydration, green tea keeps the body healthy. Ginger and peppermint tea can help soothe an upset stomach.



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