Rebellion inspires The RE: TUAL


Although resistance against oppression has taken a large portion of our history as African and largely Negro people, suffering does not define our existence. That was the takeaway from last Saturday’s edition of the RE: TUAL. Titled ‘The compelling story of Kinjeketile Ngwale’ the RE: TUAL paid homage to the spiritual backbone of the Maji Maji rebellion. The results of the rebellion might not have been the greatest representation of the African willpower but the soul clearly reverberates over 100 years later.


The beat united the crowd as a renewed freedom was the name of the game, double dutch and card games notwithstanding. Which was a completely new spin on the entirely hackneyed ‘event’ trope. Although the mood was festive almost none of it was necessitated by the eventual stimulating effects of a good binge.

Music was played, rugs were cut and maybe in this ‘post-racial’ world we live in Kinjeketile Ngwale’s is more relevant than ever.


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