Promoting Stem Education In Kenya Via Lego Bricks

An international educational franchise that aims at promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) studies in Africa has launched its Master Franchisee in Kenya.

Young Engineers has its headquarters located in Israel and has over 100 franchisees operating in 23 countries worldwide.

Kenya is the 3rd country in Africa to open its doors to the program at the launch that was attended by parents and education stakeholders from private and international schools all interested in incorporating the program in their own curriculums.

The franchisee offers various STEM programs to kindergarten, high school and students with special needs in education who need a simple way of learning and understanding STEM basics and to children who need to put their scientific skills into good use.

Maths and Sciences have been naturally perceived to be the most difficult subjects in school; if children are not scoring poor grades in them then they avoid them completely when enrolling for college.

That is where Young Engineers Kenya comes in; apart from promoting STEM in the country it also aims at debunking some of the myths about STEM and encouraging students to enrol for the programs at a young age.


A young boy building using Kne’x bricks at the launch

This they do by creating a unique learning environment for kids where they learn the basics using custom made LEGO and K’nex bricks from Young Engineers

They use a play tactic towards teaching that link a child’s natural instincts of playing and building with LEGO bricks to learning, a method that is known as edutainment.

The purpose of edutainment is to make the lessons fun and engaging and provide a hands on learning experience that makes the lessons fun and playful the children won’t even realize they are in a classroom. Furthermore, the building process also acts as practical that will help the pupils understand engineering processes even better through step-by-step instructions.

The program also aims at unlocking a child’s potential by enhancing their creative, innovation and problem solving skills and inspire them to be the game- changers of tomorrow in the fields of science and technology.


Humphrey Gathungu, Director of Young Engineers Kenya displaying one of the LEGO kits they use for teaching

“What we want to do is to inspire, motivate and promote creativity in our young children so that the can learn through experience and through experimenting”, said Hunphrey Gathungu the director of the Kenyan franchisee.

The need for more STEM professionals’ has increased all over the world as STEM has been described as a key factor towards technological and economic development in countries.

Shahar Aharoni, Vice President of the head office in Israel

“The demand for STEM is increasing, we need more people who deal in the STEM areas, this why we believe that implementing those principles in younger ages will be very beneficial for the development of any country”, said Shahar Aharoni the Vice President of the head office in Israel.

His statement was backed by the head of Kenya Private Schools Association, Dr. Peter Ndoro who describe STEM as a value addition and the key driver towards achieving our vision 2030 goal of becoming a country driven by innovation.

Dr. Peter Ndoro, CEO Kenya Private Schools Association

“When you look at vision 2030 goals, as a country we hope to become a newly industrialized country by the year 2030, which is just 14 years away. When you look at the social pillar of the vision 2030 it talks of education as the key driver in achieving this”, he said

“As key driver we must focus more on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in order to achieve our vision 2030 goals”, he said. “If we want our country and economy to be driven by innovation we must invest more in STEM”,

He further emphasized on the need to introduce a curriculum that is STEM oriented.

“As Kenya Private Schools Association we are looking at this is a value addition, this is something that is going to add value in what we do in education”, he said

He also urged parents to expose their children to science and to enrol them for STEM programs at a young age in order for them to develop an interest in STEM when their minds are still curious about how science and technology works in our daily lives.







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