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Dear Dr X,

I recently started dating a wonderful girl. I enjoy spending time with her and really like her personality. Since we met through a mutual friend I assumed that I had a great understanding about her but a few days ago she confessed to me that she had slept with men for money in the past. She said that it only went on a for a few months when she was in university and had no plans on repeating anything of the sort. Although I am glad she felt open enough with me to divulge such information, I feel like I can’t trust her anymore. I truly feel like I don’t know who she is anymore and have not communicated with her since she told me the information. I’m not sure what steps to take now.


Dear Martin,

The solution to this problem is very easy, if you feel like you can move past this place in your relationship then put it behind you but if it’s too much pressure on yourself then leave the relationship before it goes too far. If you hold onto those negative feelings and continue being with her then you will end up resenting her. We all make mistakes and although you did not fully explain the circumstances behind her decision, it wouldn’t be a wild assumption to make that it was not the easiest decision to make. If she has changed, turned a new leaf and you believe her then see if you can carry on the relationship, if not let sleeping dogs lie and let her down easy.

-Dr X

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