4 Signs you might be sabotaging your relationship

Not all relationships are worth the problems they create. Some relationships are troublesome and attract drama like a magnet, but when it comes to certain situations the source of this trouble might lie within ourselves. Sabotaging a relationship can be a great way to end it, if that is the purpose, but if it is not then it might mean ruining a perfectly healthy relationship for no apparent reason.

So how to tell if you are flushing your relationship right down the drain? Here’s what to watch out for;

You are focused on negatives

You might take out your personal frustrations on your significant other. The little things about your partner that might have been mildly annoying or even quirky before suddenly become incredibly hard to stand. The only way to get past this needless annoyance is to focus on the things that you do like about them. Small things like leaving socks on the bedroom floor or forgetting to take the garbage bag outside should not be enough reason to break up with someone.

You are never the one wrong during fights

If you inevitably start every fight because of something or other and are the one who is always right or the one being wringed then you might be sabotaging your relationship. You ignore your partner’s feelings or thoughts on an issue in order to come out on top. Having healthy arguments in a healthy relationship can be difficult, with the added stresses of a relationship in peril this could simply signify the end. Try not to pick fights where there are none and keep the purpose of the fight in mind. What will the argument achieve in the end?

Comparison becomes the standard

You tend to compare your current partner with your ex-lovers or even with friends you have no romantic connections to. It’s very detrimental to a relationship when you compare your significant other to other people. It might affect their self-esteem and self-worth and their standing within the relationship. Even talking about your relationship in past tense can be a common occurrence. Move on from the past and realize the person you are with is fine the way they are.

Sex becomes a chore

Sex is supposed to be a way to connect with your partner but if you feel like it is a favour that you are doing then it might be a symptom of sabotage. Low sex drive can be a sign of many things and many of them tend to be negative and this just happens to be one of them.




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