Top3 strange phobias


Fear of the sun is as strange as it is hard to get away from. Especially if you live in a country located near or at the tropics then this phobia must be the absolute hardest to get around. The sun is almost in a literal sense, everywhere. The sun is a big fiery ball in the sky, which might explode in a few billion years, so this fear does have some basis in that sense, but it is still strange. It can be sparked by a traumatic experience and can actually affect a sufferer’s life to great extent. They would fear even going outside without being completely covered up. Heliophobia can also encompass the fear of bright lights.


This phobia is the fear of navel. Bellybuttons, almost everybody has them. Unlike heliphobia, which is almost impossible to forget about during the day, people are not usually inundated with bellybuttons in their day to day activities. This does not mean that this phobia is not aggravating considering navels are found on most people’s bodies, which means walking around with your fear as part of your body. The sight of a navel to people suffering from omphalophobia can cause nausea, crying and even trembling.


Papyrophobia is the irrational fear of paper. This phobia must be a little easier to handle with the digital world that we live in but it is apparent that some processes are still done on paper making it tricky to navigate. The fear of paper comes out in the form of being too scared to write on or touch paper. As with most other phobia papyrophobia could be brought on by a traumatic childhood experience although it is still hard to determine the source of the fear. The phobia can affect a sufferer’s life in the way that he/she might not be able to maintain a job because of the paper environment.

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