The wrath of KOT takes down pedophile Calvin Mbane Alfayo

2016 is apparently the year of Ken wa Mwangis cropping up all over the place. It’s stunning that in this day and age child molestation is something to share and celebrate with all and sundry on social media. Calvin Mbane Alfayo aka Mohammed Alfayo aka probably one of the vilest Kenyans to stalk the internet, posted his exploits with a child online and the word shocking does not even begin to describe the update.

In a couple of pictures that shows the aforementioned  with a child in a location covered with greenery, Calvin Alfayo captions the pictures, ‘Today I had sex in the bush with a standard 4 gal….Unaweza penda mtu lakini ukose kupendwa….so take my lovley b****es’. Besides this there is a picture of a girl exposing her breasts to the camera. It’s odd that Facebook didn’t ban the criminal’s account instead for waiting on KOT to do the dirty work.

Mohammed Alfayo’s account is not only disgusting, it’s worrisome and that post only highlights one of the more extreme updates that he has put up for the entire world to see. His Facebook posts are filled with derogatory, poorly-worded, mostly belligerent remarks about women and their appearance. He offers this word of advice to women, ‘If u r a lady aged between 35 n 45 n u r seriously looking for a soulmate….seriously speaking u r a prostitute… u r too old to enjoy a faithful lover….. it’s not the end rather an opportunity to build ur future… invest now…. old age is knocking… be blessed good b****es…’ also this gem that makes little sense, ‘90% of gals are so ugly like warthogs only 8% have self confidence in themselves n attitude that they are so fly n beautiful n the rest of these chimpanzees they have names like cheptoo, akinyi n yes all the female names that have letter E…. Good day b***es…’

The worrisome part comes in when it is apparent that some of his comments have tens of likes. Exactly who is co-signing this ‘man’s’ posts is beyond compression. Although it has been said that Kenyan men do not treat their women with the respect they deserve.

KOT donned their capes and mask and swooped in to save the day by posting his face and phone number all over the micro-blogosphere.

Calvin Mbane Alfayo is reportedly the son of an MCA in Nyamira County, which only exacerbates the situation. Although he has been arrested, one Twitter user pointed out a valid point, ‘#ArrestMohammedAlfayo will go nowhere when ALFAYO turns out to be a Son of a prominent politician.’




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