NYS will lose more cash, Ngunyi warns

Consultant Mutahi Ngunyi has warned that the National Youth Service will lose more money if a proper restructuring is not done at the agency.

Ngunyi raised the alarm yesterday saying that his advice to former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru on the restructuring of the procurement department within the ministry was ignored.

“The Sh791million the country lost in the NYS saga is just a picnic in a Sunday school, we are set to lose billions of shillings within that ministry,” Ngunyi told the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.

The consultant said that several individuals that he recommended to be sacked within the procurement department were temporarily suspended and he has learnt that they have been quietly reinstated.

Ngunyi said the individuals whom he did not name are back in office and are re-grouping and soon more billions will be lost in the ministry.

“Corruption does not fight back, it corrupts back. I can assure you that the cartels have re-grouped and are back within the ministry and it is just a matter of time before they siphoned more money from NYS,” he warned.

He narrated to the MPs how he was silenced by Ms Waiguru and officials within the ministry of Interior and National Coordination when he raised issues of corruption at NYS at the initial stages.

Ngunyi said Waiguru bluntly told him that his work is not to fight corruption as there are agencies tasked to do that.

“Your work is not to fight corruption, do your work and leave the rest to the relevant agencies,” he claimed to have been told by the former Cabinet Secretary for Devolution.

He was hard pressed to explain why he did not come out early to tell the public about the outright theft at NYS then.

“Why did you have to wait until after one and half year later to come out about this? Don’t you think you have let Kenyans down,” Suba MP John Mbadi asked.

“If indeed you are a patriotic Kenyan, don’t you think public interest supersedes oath of secrecy and you ought to have alerted the country about the theft? Committee chairman and Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo also prodded.

But he explained that he was under oath of secrecy and that he could not breach the contract he had signed.

“I am a patriotic citizen that’s why I severally told the Cabinet Secretary that everything is not right at NYS but I was under secrecy of oath and could not go public then and besides I was told it was not my work to fight corruption,” Ngunyi told the committee.

“My work was just to advice but on several occasions my advice was ignored I couldn’t do anything about it,” he added

He urged the committee to invite him for more sessions so that he can divulge more details about the NYS.

“I was at the centre of everything as it was my firm that was contracted to carry out the restructuring,” Ngunyi said.


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