The mysterious case of beauty behind bars

Ruth Kamande is a lot of things. The reigning Miss Langata Prisons was a vision of beauty as she sat for selfies and pictures from the media after her win. And the 22-year old is quite a beautiful person but we all seemed to have forgotten the circumstances that put her in that seat. The beauty queen had actually already hit the headlines almost exactly a year ago when she was remanded in connection with a harrowing crime. Ruth Wanjiru Kamande had stabbed her boyfriend Fareed Mohammed to death after suspecting him of cheating on her. She then turned the knife on herself after the act but was not successful in taking her own life.

This news in itself is a lot to take in. How a very young woman, just starting out her life could be overtaken by so much rage that the only thing on her mind is murder is hard to picture. But after an investigation conducted by the police Kamande made her way to Lanagta Women’s Prison where further infamy was waiting for her.

The media has been blamed for elevating her status so much that the incredibly violent crime that she committed has taken a back seat to the crown she wears right now. Ruth Kamande went from being like any other convict in the prison to achieving celebrity status in one day.

Kenya Film Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua who has been in the news before for banning ‘lesbian parties full of orgies’ which was simply a girls-only get together made some particularly harsh comments about the newly-crowned beauty queen. “I know people can reform and indeed the prisons are meant to reform criminals to become better citizens, but for someone who killed another person so brutally a year ago – by stabbing them 22 times with a knife – I think there is absolutely nothing beautiful about them. The deceased was a human being, someone’s son. A year down the line the killer is being celebrated… I find this a bit disturbing,” he posted online.

Although his word choice and is a bit controversial, some of the sentiments he expressed were valid. But this is not the first time the media has been accused of committing similar crimes. Casey Anthony an American woman was found not guilty of killing her 2-year old daughter in 2011. Although her lawyer has recently admitted that she did in fact commit the act. The media contributed greatly to the level of infamy she gained 5 years ago.

We cannot say whether or not Ruth Kamande has actually turned a new leaf but it’s clear her life will never be the same.



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