Working out on your period, sorted!

It would be an understatement to say periods are not exactly the most fun of things to experience. They leave you in pain, exhausted, and sometimes craving strange, that is, unhealthy foods. Most of the time working out while Aunt Flo pays you a visit is the last thing on your mind but you might be missing out on something that could do your body a world of good.

Exercise relives stress, boosts our mood and can help ease period cramps. If you are feeling more lethargic that usual immediately before, after or during your period alternate the kinds of exercises you are doing with the milder forms of the very same exercises. If running is your forte, then go for a jog. Do this for the same amount of time that you would normally run.

Periods do not usually affect endurance much, but it would be a good idea to take it easier on your body.

Yoga can be invaluable during that time of the month. It is generally a low-impact exercise that helps to calm us down and we can do almost anywhere. Pull out the yoga met and get stretching. Avoid doing moves that involve being upside down as this could lead to dizziness.

The main thing to watch out for would be working a little too hard, don’t push yourself if you’ve reached your limit, wind down and take a break.


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