Laid bare by social media

Technology seems to have done great things for society but as always there is no good without the bad.

A short while ago celebrities were viewed as these untouchable beings that not just anybody could be in the presence of and not just anybody could get access to. This has completely changed in recent times with the advent of social media. Although celebrities are still shrouded in glitz and glam, they are more accessible than they once were.

Who knew such close communication and contact with their fans would lead famous people down some embarrassing paths. Fastest man alive, Usain Bolt had just introduced his beautiful fiancé, 26-year-old Kasi Bennett, to the world before some damning pictures hit the headlines. The photos which showed the athlete getting frisky with a Brazilian woman had been exposed by the lady in question and it was a little disappointing to say the least.

Even though Bolt in recent years has acquired a reputation of being something of a ladies man and a party animal, his willingness to discuss his relationship with the media seemed to mark a turning point for the runner. But apparently this was all for show as the student and single mother-of-two, in the pictures identified as Jady Duarte, has already sold her story to the Daily Mail claiming that it was Bolt who seduced her.

A few years ago a similar story to Bolt’s tryst took place and Lil Wayne was at the centre of the shenanigans. After spending a night with a dancer and groupie only known as Saralyn, she snapped a picture of herself and Lil Wayne inn bed and posted it on her Twitter account. This was despite the rapper’s engagement to fiancé Dhea Sodano.

This still isn’t Dwayne Carter’s only contribution to the internet. Just last year a sex tape that involved him and two other women was leaked online. At the time he was said to be dating Christina Milian but this shouldn’t be surprising coming from someone who has fathered multiple children with multiple women.

Justin Bieber who seems to have a love-hate relationship with publicity has pictures leaking every other week of him doing something or other. Usually things he should not be doing. Late last year while on vacation in Bora Bora the Biebs saw it fit to walk around in his birthday suit while the paps hid in the bushes. This would have marked one of the few times a celebrity had no hand in releasing their own pics but we all remember The Fappening of 2014 where big celebrities such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence had their nude pictures exposed to the World Wide Web.



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