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The Guardian

Trump: inner cities run by Democrats are more dangerous than war zones: Donald Trump veered off the teleprompter on Monday night to claim that “inner cities run by the Democrats” were more dangerous than countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The Republican nominee was meant to be delivering a scripted speech calling for Hillary Clinton be investigated by a special prosecutor. However, once again he veered off message in an attempt to appeal to minority voters in apocalyptic terms. “You can go to war zones in countries that we are fighting and it is safer than living in some of our inner cities that are run by the Democrats,” Trump said.

The New York Times

New Clinton Emails Raise Shadow Over Her Campaign: The dispute over Hillary Clinton’s email practices now threatens to shadow her for the rest of the presidential campaign after the disclosure on Monday that the F.B.I. collected nearly 15,000 new emails in its investigation of her and a federal judge’s order that the State Department accelerate the documents’ release. As a result, thousands of emails that Mrs. Clinton did not voluntarily turn over to the State Department last year could be released just weeks before the election in November. The F.B.I. discovered the roughly 14,900 emails by scouring Mrs. Clinton’s server and the computer archives of government officials with whom she corresponded.

The Economist

A suicide-bomber heaps more horror on Turkey’s Kurds: More than half of the 54 killed were children. The attacker himself, according to Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was no older than 14. Turkey was already reeling from a brutal attempted coup and an ensuing government crackdown when, on late Saturday, a suicide-bomber melted into a crowd of guests at a wedding ceremony in a largely Kurdish neighbourhood in the southern city of Gaziantep and blew himself up. The Turkish government quickly pinned the blame on Islamic State (IS). Turkey has endured a rash of IS attacks since 2015, including five this year. Of late, the group has been striking tourist spots and state facilities; its most recent attack, before Saturday, was a triple-suicide-bombing at Istanbul’s main airport.




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