Celeb chat: Madtaxx on the Kansoul and Coke Studio

What has the experience been like so far?

The process was amazing. We have this awesome producer called Bushington from Uganda, he’s dope. He makes hits and so it was a really cool experience. Working with Lizha James has been great, she’s a female and we haven’t actually done a song with a female artiste before as The Kansoul so it’s all been dope.

How do you think this experience will affect your work in the future?

It’ll definitely make me more aware about what’s happening in Africa. Especially after speaking to so many artistes, I have an idea of what different kinds of markets there are out there and what they respond to. Generally just have a more African point of view as opposed to a local one.

Where did you draw inspiration from while crafting the song?

From each other, from other music. You know with music you never know where motivation is going to come from because ultimately music inspires more music. So we just made the type of music we were inspired to do.

Is it a love song?

I don’t want to say too much. It could be. Maybe. Maybe not. Does The Kansoul talk about love? We don’t know!

Which artistes would you just love to work with?

Right now the artiste we would love to work with would probably be Elton John.

What can we look forward to from The Kansoul outside of Coke Studio?

We are wrapping up our album. We have a new song which came out just last week called ‘Utamu wa Life’ and the response to it from the public has been amazing. More singles, more hits coming your way. We might not be a group of guys who have a lot of showbiz around us but we really love the music and love to get our message out there.

Any solo material from any of The Kansoul members?

Yes definitely, I have solo material in the works so do Mejja and Kid Kora. That aspect of us has not gone away but for now we are just focusing on The Kansoul and just bringing together a super team to represent the 254.

Are you going to be in Coke Studio season 5?

We don’t know yet it depends on how this goes but we are ready to sign the contract for next season!


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