Kite String Kills Three People In New Delhi

Three people including two children from New Delhi in India died after a glass coated kite string slit their throats.

The victims Saanchi Goyal, 3, and Harry, 4, were looking out through the sunroof of their cars in different parts of Delhi when sharp strings slit their throats. 22-year-old Zafar Khan died in the same manner when he was riding his motorbike, this is according to the deputy commissioner of the West Delhi Police, Pushpendra Kumar.

The kites were flown around the city to mark India’s Independence Day which is celebrated on the 15th of August.

Kite-flying is part of the tradition that is used to mark festivals and celebrate other important occasions in India. One particular kite Manja a type of kite string made with glass is quite popular and it is used to bring other people’s kites down but it often ends up inflicting injuries on people and even birds.

These strings also kill and maim hundreds of birds annually – at least 500 birds have been admitted to the Charity Birds Hospital in Delhi in the past three days alone, Indian media reports say. The hospital says it treats up to 8,000 birds every year.

Following the unfortunate incident, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia took to twitter to warn people about the hazards of Manja, he tweeted:

“Chinese manja and other kite flying thread which is made of glass, sharp material is dangerous,” said in a tweet. “Safety of our citizens is non-negotiable.”

The Delhi government has now banned the use of sharpened manja to fly kites and promised to run campaigns to educate people about the dangers of using such strings.

Additional reporting by BBC


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