Government invests in modern fish facility in Nairobi


The government has today confirmed that it is investing on a modern fish facility in Nairobi to help curb illegal fish farming in the country.

Speaking at State house early today during an Agriculture Summit, Willy Bett the Cabinet Secretary Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries said that the government has invested Sh 3.6 billion to buy vessels that will patrol waters.

“We are undertaking research in the sea, we have realised that there is much in deep sea fishing that is why the government is putting more effort on deep sea fishing, so far we have invested Sh 3.6billion to buy vessels to patrol our waters so as to curb illegal fishing,” said Bett.

Agriculture sector is the key driver of the country’s economy as it contributes to 25-26 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

“We have improved our fish quantity from 33,000 metric tonnes to 44,000 metric tonnes,” added Bett.

Bett also said that the government has embarked on looking for markets to farmers. “We have the EU market for our farmed fish and we are still trying to find more for our fish farmers,” added Bett.

Bett assured farmers that the government is investing in deep sea research. “We are investing in deep sea research to enable us diversify the fisheries sub sector,” added Bett. “We are investing in E-markets too to eliminate middle-men in the fisheries sub sector.”

Further Bett reiterated that the cost of production has been very high but as a government they are working on bringing it down.

According to Bett the government has also invested in insurance for farmers both livestock and crop farmers.

“We’ve been helping farmers access credit, to help them turn Agriculture into a business,” said Bett. “We want to make agriculture cool.”

According To the CS, there is now more fish in Central than Nyanza because Central has embraced fish farming.

According to Agriculture Principle Secretary Richard Lesiyampe, 12 people in Africa die every minute due to hunger and malnutrition.


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