Tom Wolf’s Twitter travails

Political polls have always been known as a tool for exercising influence on the electorate. Whether the findings presented are true or not is up for discussion but opinion polls should not ideally sway your vote.

Tom Wolf, Ipsos Research Analyst, on Tuesday could not get a word in edgewise when confronted by a myriad of questions from reporters that he should have been able to answer seeing as he had all the information at hand. In a very recent opinion poll conducted by Ipsos it was reported that current President Uhuru Kenyatta was the favoured candidate to lead the country. 41 per cent of the sample opined that the President had upheld the Constitution and was working toward fighting corruption.

This same survey, although found that Raila Odinga was the next best candidate, 35 per cent of respondents held the opinion that the former Prime Minster should retire from politics altogether. Even though we might know which members of the public were in the 2,067 sample, it is hard to imagine that they were representative of the entire population seeing as the reaction Mr Wolf received was not a welcome one.

Right near the end of the media conference, the press were tailing him with questions about the validity of the findings of the poll and why the same questions had not been asked about other candidates also contesting in the upcoming elections. Naturally, KOT were wide awake.

Insults and inquires reigned supreme while #WolfForHire trended on Twitter. Some were actually quite articulate, ‘IPSOS has outlived its usefulness (if it was ever useful) It is now just a vehicle used to proliferate mediocrity!’, some were funny, ‘I won’t be surprised if #WolfForHire would tell us that Jubilee Supporters are More fertile than CORD supporters…’ and yet some aimed to shed a light on his general demeanor ‘Tom Wolf is like those broke mzungus who’ve been milked dry by ladies in Lamu now doing juakali jobs to survive.’

No matter, whether Tom Wolf is a vulture or not he was clearly not prepared for the line of questioning reporters brought his way. A coordinator had to come to his rescue as he stood at the podium.

Even though the poll findings released earlier this week did show one rather obvious result. 60 per cent of Jubilee backers wanted Raila Odinga retire from politics while 69 per cent of Cord supporters went in the opposite direction claiming the statesman should run for office. Which comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Have opinion polls run their course? It is apparent it has become hard to determine their accuracy or the underlying motives behind many of them. As one Twitter user declared, ‘Thank you KOT for outing another fraud in the name of a pollster’ they might just have.


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