Turning a wine bottle into a tumbler

Although it is possible to make a tumbler from any type of bottle, wine bottles are the best for this project given their thickness compared to other bottles such as beer bottles which are very thin and likely to break and cause severe cuts you while working on them.

The first and most demanding step is cutting the wine bottle into two along a designated horizontal line. You can get a welder to assist you with this using specialized cutters, since glass cannot be cut using regular saws at room temperature. Remember to wear protective eye glasses during this phase.

Once the glass has been cut, throw away the lower bottom part, since it’s the upper part bearing the bottle neck that you are interested in. Use the cork screw used to seal the wine in the original bottle to block the mouth of the bottle neck so that there will be no leakage once you pour in your drink.

Next, using a chisel, soften out the edges of the new glass’ brim so that you don’t cut your lips and tongue while taking drinks from the glass and finally, clean and dry it thoroughly then pour your drink.

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