Benefits of juicing

You get a lot more nutrients

Cooking especially frying at high temperatures breaks down certain vitamins such as Vitamin C that are contained in fruits and vegetables and by juicing we avoid this downside. Since the food source being consumed is in a liquid state this provides a larger surface area for the absorption of nutrients that may have been lost during the digestion process.

It’s easy to consume a wide variety of food

For most of us getting our daily dose of fruit and vegetables can be a chore. Vegetables might be healthy for us but let’s face, they are not the most appetising of foods. Juicing makes this process a lot more enjoyable because we are able to mix and match different kinds of vegetables and make a concoction that is truly unique. We can even tailor tastes to our own preferences by adding our favourite fruits and vegetables.

It keeps you hydrated

Juicing is great in this way because although just drinking plain water cannot be beat it’s yet still another interesting way to keep our bodies hydrated. Use tons of water while blending or extracting juice and you’ll have figured out a way to keep thirst at bay during the day.

It’ll give you an energy boost

Green vegetable juice might take some getting used to but mixing it up with some fruit will give it a little natural sugar that should make juicing a great experience. The natural sugars in fruit will give you little kick when you are in a slump and provide you with some pep in your step. Just don’t use too much fruit because too much sugar will defeat the health purpose of the juice.



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