Four signs of sexual addiction

Sex addiction has become something of a celebrity syndrome. The disease seems to be linked with a slew of rich and famous names. A quick Google image search actually reveals that one of the most searched terms when dealing with the issue is celebrities suffering from sex addiction.

Tiger Woods, Eric Benet, Russell Brand and most recently Charlie Sheen are just some of the big names that have come up. Maybe it is the fact that the world of excess that most of these people live in cultivate an environment that makes it very easy to fall victim to many vices. Though that might be a fact of life in their situation, is it one in ours?

Here are some signs to watch out for.

You don’t think about anything except sex

Even though many people like to joke that men don’t have anything in their brains expect the act, when suffering from sex addiction it doesn’t just become a preoccupation; it becomes your whole day. Every waking moment is concentrated on trying to get the next fix. The difference between a sex addict and someone with a big sexual appetite being for a sex addict the obsession becomes crippling and affects many facets of the addict’s life. Thinking about it naturally leads to pursuing the act.

Engaging in high risk sexual activity

The main priority in an addict’s life would be satisfying their craving. This could result in situations that might put your health and your life at risk just to have sex. A sufferer is likely to have indiscriminate sexual partners and take part in extreme forms of sex such as group sex and still in the end feel the need to take steps to further feed his/her addiction.

Maintaining relationships is difficult

Sex addicts tend to have a history of relationships that don’t last very wrong and seem to fall apart because of something they did. A sufferer would probably get into a relationship with someone knowing that it was going to end and having little power to change that fact. A dependency on sex would mean that you would eventually cheat on your partner but it would feel like you have no real ability in avoiding it.

You can’t stop

This is probably the number one indicator that you might be suffering from sex addiction, you just can’t stop. For most people, even people who have a lot of sex but are not necessarily addicts, their sex lives do not overflow into their professional and public lives. An addict does not make any real distinction between appropriate and inappropriate sexual partners which means that having multiple sexual affairs and partners is just part of life.


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