Donald trump’s speech writer takes responsibility for plagiarism

A speech writer at Trump Organization has stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the plagiarism of Michelle Obama in Melania Trump’ speech at the Republican National Convention.

In a statement released on Wednesday morning, 65-year-old Meredith McIver states that she is a legitimate friend and admirer of the Trump family. She and Mrs Trump discussed (on phone) about some of the people who inspired her and the messages that Mrs Trump wanted to share with the world. It so happens that Melania looks up to Michelle Obama and she read some parts of her 2008 speech to her.

McIver admitted that she included some of the phrasing from Michelle’s speech in Melania’s without counter-checking Michelle’s 2008 speech.

She expressed her apologies to the Trump family and the chaos that she caused stating that she meant no harm. She further went on to explain that she offered her resignation, but Mr Trump rejected it citing that she made a mistake and people make innocent mistakes.

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