How stylish Grandpa stole the internet

This is not a meme, it is not a joke, a grandfather somewhere looks better than your 26 year old boyfriend!

Irvin Randle aka #MrStealYourGrandma has been breaking the internet one site at a time with his unbelievable facial hair, hair style and physique.

The 54-year old grandfather from Houston, Texas could definitely teach most youngsters a thing or two about style and hitting the gym seems to be taking his new found internet fame in stride. After his social media pics were shared by a stranger on the internet they quickly started trending and Irvin Randle only found out about this after his daughter told him about it.

What seems to amaze people about this story is his age. At 54 most of us have already settled into our senior citizen bodies and probably have no plans to step into a gym for fear pf breaking one of our hips. Frankly, most twenty-somethings do not even look anything close to Mr Randle but the grandfather of two maintains that he keeps his body in check by eating well and exercising.

On to the other thing that makes him such a stand-out, his impressive style. It’s not every day you see somebody his age dressed like they are about to shake up the scene. His contemporary manner of dress definitely raised a few eyebrows. Irvin Randle mentions that cleaning up nice is nothing new to him, “I’ve always dressed like this. I’ve just been wearing things a little tighter that’s all.”

It is worth noting that the 54-year old is an elementary school teacher, so if there wasn’t enough reason to fall in love with him, there it is.

When asked about the secret to his apparent eternal youth, there was no fountain of youth the man is drinking from. It’s down to hard work and the basic rules of maintaining a healthy lifestyle ‘Drink plenty of water, don’t smoke, have protected sex, drink natural juice mostly, a lot of vegetables healthy food, sleep early wake up early. The same way our body needs water every day is the same way it needs exercises. U can do it too. A healthy life is all you need.’ He wrote on his Facebook page.

Back home however the memes have taken a different turn with #sponsor being attached to it.Nigerians and Ghanaians even went on a whole tweeter war claiming ownership of the dapper gramps while Kenyan light skin(s) have agreed to be seen in public with the hot sponsor!

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