Breaking down the Ramogi dance costume

The Luo community are big on celebrations. Coming together as a community always meant dancing and they had different varieties and genres. One such dance was the Ramogi dance, performed particularly by men. Our attention today is on the dance costume and its meaning.

The Headdress: This is usually made from Ostrich feathers because to the Luo community the Ostrich is a bird of great beauty and courage and this presented them with the courage they needed when dancing.

The Flywhisk (orengo): This was made from the Buffalo tail. It always serves as a visual cue during the dancing occasions.

The Ankle shakers: These are the frenzied jingling and percussion worn around the ankles during the dance.

Some of the Ramogi dance movements mimic a bird taking off or circling in the flight, part of the ramogi dance is usually inspired by the crested crane and the ostrich bird.


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