How #Brexit is inspiring humour across the globe

Trust the internet to turn something as immense as Britain exiting the EU into the most cutting edge memes in all the Queen’s land.

A slight majority of citizens of the United Kingdom (52-48 per cent) voted for Britain to leave the European union. Reasons varied from gaining more control of their island to quelling the numbers of immigrants procuring entry into the UK.

The move will have far-reaching consequences for Britain and some are not yet fully understood yet but the majority spoke and Prime Minister, David Cameron, who was against leaving the single market, had no otherwise but to comply. Naturally most of the jokes are coming from citizens living in the UK itself and the recent loss of the England football team to Iceland at Euro 2016 just served to fuel the fire.

Social media went haywire with Tweets, some were funny, some were insightful and some were just mean. Many of the latter directed toward the elderly, who apparently made up the big chunk of the ‘Leavers.’ ‘I know it’s not “politically correct” to say it out loud but in the wasteland of ruined Britain I am going to hunt and eat old people’ said one highly opinionated individual, ‘When you voted to leave the EU but you gunna die soon so it’s not your problem’, which came from infamous Twitter account Medieval Reactions. Let’s not forget those football roasts, ‘Can’t wait to see what England decides to leave next!’ and ‘Iceland didn’t want to wait for England to start the #Brexit process so they started it for them!’

In terms of numbers, although England voted to leave the EU, most Londoners actually voted to stay, along with Scotland and Northern Ireland. Who many argue have now been roped into England’s mess which is definitely not the first time that has been known to have happened. This created a pseudo-petition on social media to create the country ‘ScotLond’.

Memes aside, the British pound has hit its lowest level since the 80s, which also puts London’s future as the large financial centre that it is today in jeopardy. Many international players were against Britain leaving the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and even the Chinese President Xi Jiping took the side of the West and was staunchly against the move. Only Donald Trump is laughing and we know why, his roast by Scotland is a story for another day!

It was a landmark poll as the UK saw the highest numbers recorded on such a scale since 1992. The jokes might also be a coping mechanism for the drastically changing times but with all this going on does anyone even remember that David Cameron resigned?

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