Gravitti Band Brings on the Reggae Revolution at the GoDown Gig

Who knew that such a close link between gospel music and reggae?

Gravitti Band started out as a group of church musicians and although the audience and the medium might have changed, the message remains the same. Gravitti Band presents the question ‘What’s wrong with Afirica?’ The band’s new single which was projected onto a screen as a teaser for their performance, serves as a reminder that although we as a people are not enslaved, we are not free. The veteran reggae band dished out the deepest performance of the night, a sound so profound it can only be termed as ‘Roots.’

Royalty By Black’s offering cannot be ignored. The band had one of the longest sets but only because the audience could not get enough. They had one of the more comprehensive performances. The band’s subject matter touches on a wide variety of aspects and the position that reggae counter-culture holds in society. Peace, police brutality, tribalism and corruption were the just some of the topics at hand. ‘Mr President’ proved to be a big hit with the crowd, it touched a sore spot considering the current political scenario.

TuneDem Band, basking in the exposure they received after being one of the few musical acts in the country to do a prison tour, were still feverish in their efforts. Lead vocalist, Shoeshine did not waver on the mic, he also attempted some of the most acrobatic dance moves to have been invented!

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