Why Violence in Campus Relationships is on the Rise

 A few months ago on a social media forum held by Nairobi News university students linked up to discuss the rise of violence in their relationships. One of the primary topics that came up during the forum was having unrealistic expectations. Apparently this largely contributed to the prevalence of unhealthy relationships among campus students.

It is clear that both sexes are guilty of committing this offence. Many students enter college with a limited experience of how relationships work and for most of them the only point of reference is the media. Given their young and impressionable age, getting this crucial information from the media does not seem to be of much help.

The peer pressure and excitement that surrounds life on campus is also a major cause for students to rush into relationships without fully grasping the consequence of doing so. With this in mind it is not difficult to see why students become trapped in unhappy and unhealthy relationships.

Allegedly it is considered standard practice for boys in campus to cheat. Sometimes they are upfront about this, most times not so much. They have numerous girlfriends who they keep on rotation and carry on like ‘men of the house with all of them.’ Some blame this on tradition and living in a generally patriarchal society .This free pass leads to resentment and starts a cycle of emotional and at times physical abuse when the girls find out the truth.

But the girls are not without blame. Campus girls are notorious for social climbing. Every year it seems that a steady stream of high school graduates gets into university with big dreams and in a rush to grow up. Many start relationships with older men, married men, lecturers and even school staff members in order to bankroll their new lifestyle. There have been many urban legends surrounding these girls and our fascination with them will not stop anytime soon. Which does not mean the guys are left blowing in the breeze. A boy at that would rather hold on if the girl is keeping him around than suffer the embarrassment of being dumped by their girlfriend who might be dating several other men. Who knows what feelings might be bubbling under the macho exterior and what actions these feelings might inspire?

Granted, cheating is heart breaking but it is not a crime. Perhaps college sweethearts need to take a chill pill and stop taking the law into their own hands.


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