Why screenshots will be the death of millenials

Last month Evans Gikunda, then working as a web developer and digital strategist, was found to have had a text message conversation with one of his unnamed buddies that could only be described as graphic. Gikunda started off talking about flashy cars and somehow ended up painting a bunch of well-known media personalities and ex-girlfriends in a very unflattering light.

Whether or not the actions, names, places and faces he was mentioning in the texts were actually true can only be a matter of speculation, what was a fact though was that the texts once meant to be private  were in the public sphere.

Although Kenyans naturally welcomed the chatter, with tons of delight, it never occurred to us what might have happened to the young man after his headlines had had their moment in the limelight. Evans Gikunda has reportedly resigned from his positively exciting job and has now moved into the annals of gossip history.

We thought that was the only screenshot story we would hear of for a while but lo and behold; DNG is in the news again. He has kept a steady stream of chit-chat coming for the past couple of years and DNG seems to not be ready to quit any time soon. Kenya’s self-declared number One Hypeman has been doing it up big since he separated from his wife, Yvette Nungari a few months ago. He apparently went to get a little taste of Mombasa Raha the other day and apparently didn’t get a happy ending because he refused to pay up!

In a series of screenshot leaked by the woman involved, a video vixen known as Rahima, DNG has some mean choice words for her after she tells him he should have paid up. DNG comes at her with a barrage of insults and obscenities and that’s where the story ends for Rahima.

But there are lessons to learn especially for celebrities; texts aren’t safe. Evans Gikunda was relatively unknown before the entire screenshot scandal befell him but still suffered the consequences of a public humiliation. Nowadays a digital paper trail could spell disaster for anyone.

We are a generation so obsessed with social media and whatever need to connect that we yearn for that we might ignore even the most common of sense. Somebody might someday see those happenings going down in the DM, so take a second before pressing ‘send’. And if we’ve learnt anything from this is that screenshots will be the downfall of us all.

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