Healthy cooking alternatives

All fried foods are dangerously delicious but the devil is in the detail. They are always almost high in calories   fat, even their name gives them away!

Even though the cold season makes us all crave comfort food, here are some healthy alternatives that will keep you warm and still healthy.

Roasting and baking

Roasting or baking can help scrimp on the cooking fat and cut your overall calorie intake. Apart from its nutritional benefits, roasted food tastes great and there is still room to add spices and flavourings. Since roasting is a slow method of cooking, it’s easy to just assemble the meal and let it prepare on its own. Roasted or baked vegetables are particularly delicious due to the caramelizing effect that heat has on them giving them a slightly sweet flavour.


Contrary to popular belief this cooking method is not flavourless. Steaming is one of the primary cooking methods that lets vegetables and other kinds of foods retain the most nutrients. It is not as harsh on the food as frying and also allows food to retain its natural flavours.


Not just meat can be grilled even vegetables can get the ‘nyama choma’ treatment. Grilling gives food an aromatic smoky flavour and can be a quick way to cook vegetables without losing a great deal of the nutrients. Grilling also has the same caramelizing results on vegetables as that of roasting.



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